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TUFLOW: 2D Flood Modelling - November 2020 (TUFLOW-3)

A live and interactive online introductory 2D modelling course run over two days.
- Tuesday, 17th November, 10:30am (Sydney Time)
- Tuesday, 24th November, 10:30am (Sydney Time)

Full course details can be found here:

TUFLOW is a world-leading, powerful 1D and 2D computational engine for simulating floods, tides and urban stormwater network hydraulics. It has been successfully applied world-wide to a diverse range of applications, scaling from regional whole-of-catchment flooding to fine-scale integrated catchment urban modelling.

This computer-based training is aimed at people who have not used TUFLOW previously. The course includes content focusing on 2D TUFLOW theory, followed by practical model creation and result viewing exercises using the free TUFLOW Plugin within QGIS.

No software licenses are required by the registrants. The model build examples will use free open source software (Notepad++ and QGIS). The TUFLOW simulation will use TUFLOW’s free Demo Mode. The Demo Mode is identical to the paid TUFLOW license, though limited to a maximum of 100,000 2D cells.
Software installation instructions will be provided one week prior to the event.
  • 1. Introduction & Download Software
  • 2. Pre-Course Survey
  • 3a. Pre-Workshop Videos QGIS
  • 3b. Pre-Workshop Videos- Flood model result viewing
  • 3c. Webinar- How wrong is your flood model?
  • 4. Session One Recording
  • 5. Day-One Session Survey
  • 6. Exercise
  • 7. Exercise Comments/Questions
  • 8. Session Two Recording
  • 9. Final Feedback (complete to receive certificate)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever